Colourful Paper Lanterns

So you are looking for some decorative lighting for your party? have you thought about hanging strings of paper lanterns? Imagine streams of colourful hanging lanterns festooning walkways and hanging from trees. They give you the feeling of childhood holidays, walking along the beach and being mesmerised by the 100’s of colourful lanterns strung along the esplanade.

You don’t see hanging lanterns much anymore which is a shame, because they add an enduring charm to any occasion.

A Touch of Colour

Lanterns can be suspended from a canopy to add colour and texture, where the lights also shine through to illuminate the lanterns.

Paper Lanterns, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting
Paper Lanterns, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting


Simple and elegant white lanterns add a touch of class.

Special Themes

A beautiful display of lanterns suspended overhead makes an impressive feature and provides soft lighting throughout a space.

Paper Lanterns, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting

Timeless paper lanterns

Decorations come in many shapes and forms but a string of colourful lanterns always gives us a sense of endless summers and warm, happy evenings spent with family and friends. There are so many uses for paper lanterns both inside and outside your home – that you will be spoilt for choice.

You can use strings of colourful, bright lanterns along walkways or paths in your garden, hanging from tents, edging the pergola or even dancing down the driveway. They don’t have to be permanent, you can put them up and take them down as many times as you like. Leave them up all the time to brighten your evenings and add a touch of whimsy or store them away and bring them out just for special occasions.

Lanterns come in different colours and sizes so you can even use them as single units and have two or three hanging above your dining table, lighting a hallway or as decorations for an indoor party such as a baby shower. You can also mix and match the lanterns and hang them with different coloured festoon lights to give a gala or festival feeling to your occasion or home.

How we can help

We supply and hang paper lanterns for all your celebratory events – birthdays, wedding and anniversaries – all events where a touch of timeless charm is needed. We offer a range of lantern styles from traditional Chinese lanterns to colourful paper and star shaped lanterns. Prices start from $400 depending on location and number of lanterns required.

If you tell us your needs – whether it is for a celebratory occasion or simply as decorations for your home – we can help you decide which types of lanterns are best for you. There is no better way to add a sense of playfulness and eternal magic than hanging strings of colourful paper lanterns throughout your home and garden.

So if you want to see your friend’s eyes light up when they catch sight of your delightful hanging lanterns – give us a call and add some colour to your life!