Festoon Installation/ Edison Bulbs

Festoon lights are a really popular choice for lighting weddings, as they both bring lighting and a decorative glow to your event. We install Festoons/string lighting for indoor and outdoor occasions in Sydney. Our Festoons come with both warm white and colour.

Festoon crossed strands

festoon lights can be hung in a generous swag from point to point, creating crosses of lights.

Festoon Lighting, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting
Festoon Lighting, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting

Indoor & outdoor

Festoon Light Hire for Weddings & Events.An impressively large canopy with a luxurious feel. 

Corporate locations

Our high quality connectable festoon lights are the perfect balance of style.

Festoon Lighting, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting

Edison Bulbs, (Individual bulbs)

Looking for a more industrial theme to your event? These can make a great backdrop. These Edison bulbs can be hung anywhere, can have any length of drop and have a variety of light bulbs available creating a canopy effect. Pricing depends on location and the size of the canopy.

Festoon lights are also known as party lights and these lights are known to grace the venues such as weddings, parties, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc. We all must have seen those beautiful big garland lights hanging in American movies, which grab our attention. Since these lights are not so cheap, some people opt to hire them up for gracing their special occasions. If you are looking for festoon hire in Sydney, get in touch with us and we will provide you with them at an affordable price.

Our entire range of festoon lights is capable of making a small occasion a brightening one with the oversized glass globes that emit a bright amount of light. We have festoon and string lights available in multi colors and warm whites as well. For getting string lights in Sydney also, you can contact us. Our entire collection of these lights is capable enough to save energy as we have kept all the lights of the top brands with us. So, enjoy your festive season by hiring the festoon and string lights from us.