Fairy Light Canopy

If you are looking for drop fairy lights in Sydney then you have come to the right place. At 1000 Stars we specialise in decorative lighting and in particular, we specialize in whimsical and delightful fairy light canopies and backdrops.

Whatever your celebratory event, be it a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, retirement, Christmas or Easter – there are so many happy events in our lives – one of the things your guests will always remember are the decorations.

Were the decorations boring and uninspiring? Or were they just breathtaking and people can’t stop talking about them – people will ask where did you find these glorious fairy lights? And how did you do it?

Fairy Light Hire, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting

Fairy light decorations

Many event sites with rooms or marquees for hire leave the decorations to the clients, even those in large hotels usually rely on you to arrange your own decorations. So if you are organising the event and making all the arrangements yourself – take a tip and get help!

Organising events can be a huge job, so make it easy on yourself by outsourcing the lighting decorations to a company that specialises in amazing and eye-popping fairy light displays.

Do you want to astound your guests and leave them speechless? Then you can do no better than hanging a beautiful canopy of whimsical fairy light backdrop hire Sydney that seemingly float above their heads in the air. Imagine a beautiful lacework of diamonds – as a backdrop behind the bride and groom at the reception or an arched walk way draped in sparkles of fairy lights.

Fairy lights hire in Sydney are a creative and fantasy option to the traditional fabric draping – they add a touch of whimsy, romance and elegance to your event. For example, we can design a display of beautiful romantic fairy lights for a wedding, a backdrop of colourful and exciting fairy lights for a birthday or a sophisticated and elegant fairy tale canopy for a 40th anniversary.

So make your happy event even more memorable by adding an enchanted touch to the decorations and turn your celebration into a mystical world of whimsy and delight.

Laneway Fairy Light Design

Fairy lights are the perfect decorative lighting for adding some warmth and a loving atmosphere that will transform any venue or special event space.

Fairy Light Hire, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting
Fairy Light Hire, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting

Indoor & outdoor

We can help you inspire your guests with an amazing fairy light installation indoor or outdoor.

Unique locations

Fairy light Hire Sydney.

Fairy Light Hire, 1000 Stars Decorative Lighting

How we can help

We are one of the only companies in Sydney that offer a range of fairy light canopies and backdrops designed specifically to suit your venue, your theme and your budget. However, if you prefer we also have an extensive range of pre-set sizes and designs. 

The celebrations and the designs are endless – they are limited only by your imagination. So let your dreams inspire you to create a memorable and unforgettable celebratory event that will astound your guests for years to come!

So give us a call and we will design the fairy tale canopy or backdrop that your guests will be talking about for years to come!